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Welcome to my page – Rudolfova malca. If you are looking for delicious, homemade and unique desserts you came to the right place. Take a look and choose between different cakes, cake pops, popsicles, cupcakes and much more.


What is recipe for my cakes? Quality ingredients from local farms and food providers, carefully selected flavours and a lot of love.


  1. BLACK & WHITE(dark and white chocolate):  cacao cake, dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse
  2. KINDER (milk and white chocolate): cacao cake, milk chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse
  3. RAFFAELLO (coconut-white chocolate-almonds): vanilla cake with coconut and almonds, coconut mousse with white chocolate
  4. KOFETARCA (coffee-dark chocolate): coffee-cacao cake, dark chocolate mousse with coffee
  5. ROYAL (dark chocolate with raspberries): cacao cake, chocolate brownie, dark chocolate mousse, raspberry filling, fresh raspberries
  6. CHOCOBANANA (milk chocolate with bananas and hazelnuts): cacao cake with roasted hazelnuts, milk chocolate mousse with gianduia, bananas
  7. FOREST FAIRYTALE (forest fruit-dark chocolate): cacao cake, dark chocolate mousse, forest fruit and Greek yoghurt cream, forest fruit filling or fresh forest fruits
  8. FOREST FAIRY (forest fruits-Greek yoghurt): vanilla cake with bio lemon zest, Greek yoghurt cream, forest fruit cream, forest fruit filling or fresh forest fruits
  9. NOSTALGIA (strawberry-vanilla): vanilla cake, vanilla custard cream, strawberry cream with Greek yoghurt, fresh strawberries
  10. SUMMER (mango-Greek yoghurt): vanilla cake with coconut, mango mousse, mango filling, Greek yoghurt cream
  11. YOU & ME (lemon-blueberry): vanilla cake with bio lemon zest, Greek yoghurt cream with lemon, blueberry cream, blueberry filling or fresh blueberries
  12. CHOCOCOCO (milk chocolate-coconut): cacao cake with coconut, milk chocolate mousse, coconut mousse with white chocolate
  13. BELLA (white chocolate-raspberry): vanilla cake, white chocolate mousse, Greek yoghurt cream with raspberries
  14. FRESH START (cottage cheese-strawberry): vanilla cake with bio lemon zest, cottage cheese cream, strawberry mousse, strawberry filling or fresh strawberries


  1. TRIPLE CHOCOLATE – cacao cake, dark, milk and white chocolate mousse
  2. AMARETTO (dark chocolate-cherry-amaretto): coffee-cacao cake, amaretto and dark chocolate mousse, original Maraschino cherries and sour cherries
  3. FERRERO ROCHER (chocolate-hazelnuts): cacao cake with roasted hazelnuts, rich chocolate cream with gianduia, roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut cream with mascarpone
  4. SNICKERS (peanuts-salted caramel-dark chocolate): cacao cake with roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate mousse with peanut butter, roasted peanuts, salted caramel mousse
  5. HRUSTLJAVKA (hazelnuts-white chocolate): vanilla cake with roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut mousse with mascarpone, white chocolate mousse, roasted caramelized hazelnuts, caramel
  6. BAILEYS CHEESECAKE (dark chocolate-Irish crem liqueur Baileys-cream cheese): cacao cake, dark chocolate mousse with Baileys liqueur, cream cheese cream with Baileys liqueur
  7. JAFFA (dark chocolate-orange): cacao cake with bio orange zest, vanilla cake, dark chocolate mousse, Greek yoghurt cream with orange, orange jelly
  8. CRESCENDO (dark chocolate-dried plums in cognac-mascarpone): cacao cake, dark chocolate mousse, mascarpone mousse, dried plums macerated in cognac
  9. EXTRA (white chocolate-black sesame): vanilla cake with black sesame, white chocolate mousse with ground black sesame, caramelized black sesame
  10. LOVELY GARDEN (carrots-white chocolate-caramel): carrot cake with roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate mousse, caramel mousse, caramel
  11. AUTUMN CAKE (apple-cinnamon-caramel): cinnamon cake, apple filling, cinnamon cream with mascarpone, caramel mousse
  12. PISTACHIO HEAVEN (pistachio-raspberry): pistachio cake, pistachio cream, raspberry cream with Greek yoghurt, fresh raspberries
  13. MOJITO (lime-white rum-cream cheese): vanilla cake with bio lime zest, lime cream with Greek yoghurt, cream cheese and white rum
  14. SUNRISE (pumpkin seeds-mascarpone-raspberries): cake with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil, mascarpone mousse, fresh raspberries, raspberry cream with Greek yoghurt
  15. LAVENDER (lavender-blueberry-Greek yoghurt): vanilla cake with bio lemon zest, Greek yoghurt cream, blueberry filling or fresh blueberries, blueberry cream, lavender cream with mascarpone
  16. TROPIC (mango-lime-banana-coconut): vanilla cake with coconut, lime cream with Greek yoghurt, mango mousse, mango filling, bananas
  17. PASSION (mango-passion fruit): vanilla cake with bio lemon zest, mango-passion fruit mousse, mango filling
  18. STACCATO (Greek yoghurt-lemon-pomegranate): vanilla cake with bio lemon zest, Greek yoghurt cream with lemon and pomegranate
  19. SUMMER DANCE (mango-coconut-white chocolate): coconut cake, mango mousse, mango filling, coconut mousse with white chocolate
  20. FESTIVE ORANGE (dark chocolate-orange-cinnamon): cacao cake with cinnamon, orange cream, orange jelly, dark chocolate mousse, cinnamon mousse


  • GLUTEN FREE – wheat flour can be replaced with gluten free flour (in majority of cake flavours) or wholegrain or spelt flour. Additional payment: 5,00 €
  • NO EGGS or LAKTOSE FREE/NO DIARY PRODUCTS – is possible in majority of cake flavours. Additional payment: 5,00 to 20,00 € (depends on size of the cake). Combination of both means same prices as VEGAN cakes.
  • VEGAN – is possible in majority of cake flavours. Additional payment: 10,00 to 30,00 € (depends on size of the cake).






10 50 eur 55 eur
12 56 eur 61 eur
14 63 eur 68 eur
16 72 eur 78 eur
18 78 eur 84 eur
20 85 eur 92 eur
25 100 eur 108 eur
30 120 eur 130 eur
20 (double barrel)* 110 eur 120 eur
25 (two-tier) 130 eur 140 eur
30 (two-tier) 145 eur 155 eur
35 (two-tier) 160 eur 170 eur
45 (two-tier) 185 eur 200 eur
45 (three-tier) 220 eur 235 eur
55 (three-tier) 260 eur 275 eur
70 (three-tier) 300 eur 320 eur
90 (three-tier) 380 eur 400 eur
80 (four-tier) 380 eur 400 eur
100 (four-tier) 460 eur 485 eur
125 (four-tier) 560 eur 585 eur
155 (four-tier) 680 eur 710 eur

 For larger cakes and other options please contact us.

* double barrel is a two tier cake (you can choose two different flavours), where both cakes are the same size. Together they look like one very high cake (about 24 cm high). Double barrel option is also available for all cakes above 20 pieces. Also available for three-tier cakes.

Prices include:

 – each tier different flavour (no option for “half-half” flavours)

– simple decoration (frosting)

– cake board and box for easy transport

Other options (additional payment):

– cake topper (wood or other materials: Mr & Mrs, just married, Love or your name etc.)

– different cake decorations (flowers, fondant figures, natural elements, flags with letters, royal icing decorations, other desserts: homemade macarons, cookies, cakepops etc.)

– candles, sparklers and other decorative elements

– cake delivery to your location (0,60 eur/km – from location Unec 20, 1381 Rakek OR Brilejeva 3, 1000 Ljubljana to your address (only one way))

– collect your cake: Unec 20, 1381 Rakek OR Brilejeva 3, 1000 Ljubljana (by appointment only)

Frosting and icing options:

– naked cake (no frosting) – included in the price

– semi-naked cake – thin frosting, layers of cake can be partially seen through frosting -included in the price

– buttercream frosting – included in the price

– white or dark chocolate ganache frosting – included in the price

– cake covered with pipped cream – additional payment (depends on design)

– other frostings and icings – contact us for price


 – or 0038640146051 (Manca)

– reservation recommended – please reserve your date as soon as possible or at least 10 days before you need our cakes and desserts. Some dates are already full in advance.

– date is confirmed when you pay in advance 35,00 € (for smaller orders) or 100,00 € (for weddings or bigger orders). Whole amount should be paid 7 days before your date.


Sweet corner

– beautiful table with different delicious desserts

– we bring deserts and beautiful plates and cake stands – contact me for pricing

Sweet cups

– fresh, creamy and elegant desserts in cups
– various flavours – look at the list of flavours for cakes

– we can provide plastic (with little spoon) or glass (no spoon) cups

– 1,50 – 2,10 €/per cup – for more details contact me


famous little desserts – amazing flavour and looks

– made out of  almonds, sugar and egg yolk and delicious cream, different colours and flavours


  • Raspberry & white chocolate
  • Coconut & vanilla & white chocolate
  • Lemon
  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon & white chocolate
  • Dulce de leche
  • Salted caramel
  • Pistachio
  • Passion & white chocolate

– 1,20 €/per macaron

Makroni s cokoladno kremo


– little cakes with buttercream or ganache frosting and delicious surprise inside

  1. VANILLA: Vanilla cake – white chocolate filling – vanilla cream
  2. RICH CHOCOLATE: Cacao cake – dark chocolate filling – dark chocolate cream
  3. TRIPLE CHOCOLATE: Cacao cake with dark and milk chocolate chips – white chocolate filling – milk chocolate cream
  4. ROYAL: Cacao cake – raspberry filling – chocolate cream – raspberries
  5. NOSTALGIA: Vanilla cake – strawberry filling – vanilla cream – fresh strawberries
  6. RAFFAELLO: Vanilla cake – coconut and white chocolate filling – coconut and almond chips
  7. BAILEYS: Coffee-cacao cake – dark chocolate filling with chocolate Baileys liquor – 100 % chocolate Baileys liquor
  8. DULCE DE LECHE: Butter cake – Dulce de leche filling – Dulce de leche cream
  9. SNICKERS: Cacao cake – salted Dulce de leche filling – Dulce de leche cream – peanuts
  10. FERRERO ROCHER: Cacao cake with hazelnuts – chocolate-hazelnuts filling – chocolate cream with hazelnuts – roasted hazelnuts
  11. LEMON: Lemon cake – lemon curd filling – lemon cream
  12. LEMON MERINGUE: Butter cake – lemon curd filling – burnt meringue
  13. YOU & ME: Lemon cake – blueberry filling – lemon cream
  14. BANOFFEE: Butter cake with Dulce de leche – bananas –
  15. Dulce de leche cream
  16. AUTUMN: Butter cake with apples – cinnamon butter cream – cinnamon crumble or pecan

Additional options: (extra payment): test tubes with various fillings (fruit purees, liquors …), fruits, meringues, macarons, other mini desserts …

Pricing: – little (mini) cupcake: 1,90 € per cupcake and 2,60 € for big cupcake


various flavours and shapes, homemade with love

– price around 20,00 €/kg – please contact me for flavours and detailed pricing


  • Almond & vanilla cookies
  • Chocolate cookies
  • Linzer cookies (with jam/dulce de leche/hazelnut spread …)
  • Chocolate-orange sables with peanuts, almonds and pistachios
  • Cookies with white chocolate & cranberries
  • Coconut kisses
  • Banana cookies with dark chocolate chips
  • Cinnamon cookies with white chocolate
  • Butter cookies
  • Pumpkin seed cookies with dark chocolate

Other desserts

– brownies, donuts, mini pies and much more

– for other desserts please contact me and we will find the right dessert for you


Rudolfova malca

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